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Evony Events


Do your daily activities - monster killing, troop healing etc. to reach 145 points - that gives a key for tavern general chest, where you can get fragments or even full general.

Always check available events - those give nice rewards. Check right side event icons and when in your city, always check Valuable events. There you can find events that give rewards for spending resources, speedups, gold, gems , Blood of Ares etc.

For consumption events - be smart and do large builds when resource consumption event is going, then you can get a bit of resources back. You can start big building upgrade and then finish it when speedup consuming event is on.

For weekly events - daily monarch competition, especially when we have server versus server week, look and do those things. Remember that Viking event give gold, Garuda can give a bit of stamina, Ymir is what we want the most - amazing food, lumber, iron and stone source.

Example: try to use Crazy Egg event - that one gives all kinds of things (advanced teleport, gems, march speed up, stamina etc. ) , mostly useful for battlefield and events like Barbarian and Pyramids.

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