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How to prepare for player versus player fights :

Make presets for marches in rally spot ( this will help ghosting as well as for fast attack ) .

Check if you have correct Monarch talent slot

Check your wall generals (if you plan to be on defense, but remember, that they die if you lose defense ), duty officers and archer tower general .

Check your subordinate city mayors, are they for development or fighting( debuffs) .

Check your monarch gear - are your Staff, Grail and Decoration as well as Horn equipped as you need .

Apply your buffs in City buffs ( for HP, attack, defense, march size if needed) .

Basic every one of us should know :

1. Ghosting. Send your troops on a 60 min rally to boss monster or unallied monarch ( allied will see your strength, do not want to do that, unless in BoC, because there is no other way)

2. Scouting. For scouting have Watchtower level 27 (can see reinforcement), or better - level 30 ( then you will see buffs too ).

Be fast to ghost your troops and then scout the enemy. That way you won’t get any surprise attacks, while reading the scout report. And take some stamina, if you ghost on boss monster. Boss monsters take stamina to rally, but ghosting on monarchs does not. Best to make rally on unallied castles, otherwise enemy alliance can see your troops, your power.

*** If you plan just to scout the enemy and don't plan to attack, you can ignore all preparation, but be ghosted ***

What troops are good for what :

Mounted = PvE (Hunting Monsters), PvP (vs Ground)
Ground = PvP (vs Ranged)
Ranged = PvP (vs Mounted)
Seige = PvP (vs Ranged)

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