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Developing Generals


How to develop your generals the best.

I suggest you choose your best generals ( for the type of fighting you plan to do) and develop those to the best. ( Only main general, assistant is there for skill books )

Skill books - you can compose these to have level 4 skill books. Remember that level 4 skill books are precious and you don’t want to lose them, because skill book adding is like a lottery. Remember to use lower level before putting level 4 skill books.

Rare things :

Blood of Ares - those you need to ascend your general, so look for events that can give you these ( example : daily activity reaches 145 points ), monsters etc.

Runestones - these you can use to get your general specialities ( unlocks at general level 25 ). These are precious, not easily accessible, so you don’t want to put them randomly on your generals.

General gear - do not over do with general gear, because materials are not as easy to get too. If you do need to craft gear - Dragon gear and up would be recommended. But don’t do less than Fearless King’s gear. Best to reach for forge level 33, where you can build good defense gear ( that is expensive, all red materials). Tip for materials : daily check if you have materials producing in Research Factory ( suggestion : produce Dragon Scale )

For generals, who to choose and who would be best to assist for them :

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