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Monarch competition

Monarch Competition guidelines

Monarch competition

Before starting any type of research, building upgrades, troop training, troop healing or gathering , check your monarch gear - put on horn, crown or crystal that will help you reduce time!

Monarch Competition order changes every week.

Suggestions for each stage!

1) CITY DEVELOPMENT: Increase building or research power. Start with your low level research and buildings. Press alliance help button to reduce timer.

2) POWER INCREASE: goal is to increase your power as much as possible. Losing it will decrease the points. If you have wounded troops, save them to heal for this event - this will help you earn points. Recalling deserters, repairing siege machines and developing your generals will add points too.

3) TROOP TRAINING: the more troops you train, the more points you make. The higher level troops give more points to you. Remember to put monarch troop training crown on.

4) RESOURCE GATHERING: finish the tiles you begin! Start to gather resources the day before the event starts. Be sure to work on your gathering speed by researching, using monarch gear and general gear. Research, monarch gear, and general gear all affect gathering speed.
Relic exploration and gathering from Alliance resource spot DO NOT count towards this event.

5) MONSTER KILLING: earn points by killing monsters. Focus on common monsters over level 12 rather than the boss monsters, since your point to stamina ratio will be greater.

*KILL EVENT*: our server has full no attack policy. Can try to score some on server war weekend, but need to be very very careful and cautious .

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