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Skill books

Applying Skill Books

Skill books

*Remember to only use level 1 skill books until they are set how they should be. Then add higher level. Skill books are like lottery, so don't add your level 4 books first. Fill all empty spots and then add the same book, just higher level.

*These should be the 6 books between your 2 generals:

1. Archer generals: ranged attack, ranged range, ranged HP, ranged defense, March speed, March size .

2. Seige generals: seige attack, seige range, seige HP, seige defense, March speed, March size.

3. Ground generals: ground attack, ground HP, ground defense, March speed, ground March speed, March size.

4. Mounted generals: mounted attack, mounted HP, mounted defense, March speed, March size, mounted March speed.

5. Mounted boss generals: same as pvp except change mounted March speed to mounted attack for monsters. You can do this on assistant so main general can be used for bosses and pvp.

6. Wall generals: seige attack, seige range, ranged attack, ranged range, mounted HP, ground defense.

7. Sub city generals: training speed, training capacity, rebirth.

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