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Subordinate city

Subordinate Cities Guide

Subordinate city

Subordinates are additional cities that you can take control of. For all 4 benefits to work - you need to have a Historical General as Mayor in the Subordinate city. You can check what buffs the city gives, when you press on it. Each culture gives different additional buffs ( improves or increases ) for you.

Europe – construction speed and general experience from killing monsters.
America – subordinate city gold production and research speed.
Russia – in city troop attack and trap attack.
Japan – main city attacking troop attack and research factory production speed.
Arabia – hospital capacity and healing speed.
Korea – warehouse capacity and extra resources from gathering.
China – resource production and training speed.

Boost for each culture depends on subordinates city rarity :
White – Common ;
Green – Uncommon ;
Blue – Excellent ;
Purple – Legendary ;
Gold – Epic .
My suggestion is to have all at least green ( uncommon) and up Subordinate cities.

Your subordinate city slot space depends on your prestige. The maximum slot space you can get is 9 ( with really hard work). On average you should be able to have 5 slots.

Subordinate Cities, when used to attack or defend, will attack at the same time as the main city’s forces. However, each General will only command and buff the army from the Subordinate City the General is in charge of. So, it is possible for the army of a Subordinate City to not only have more HP, Attack, or Defense, but also longer Range and Faster Speed.

For training on a subordinate city, choose the color you can defeat. Best is to use starting from Blue and up ( Excellent and up ).

Subordinate Cities and XP for one hit :

WHITE (Power 21.6k) = 5,456 EXP
GREEN (Power 175,4k) = 48,765 EXP
BLUE (Power 478,6k) = 143,390 EXP
PURPLE (Power 1.4m) = 462,763 EXP
GOLD (Power 9.1m) = 3,129,406 EXP

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