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TKO Rally Rules

Rally Rules

TKO Rally Rules

1. JOIN RALLIES - Unless otherwise directed, send your best general (or generals) available at that moment with ONE of your best MOUNTED troops. Participate in as many rallies as you can. ( Rallies over 60 min are ghosting - do not join them)

2. RALLY ALL MONSTERS OVER 12M POWER. Exceptions are Pumpkin Monster (event happened in October) and Garudas (this event happens every week). IF THE MONSTERS POWER IS OVER 134M, AND YOU HAVE T13s, send a full march with your best generals and mounted troops (horses). Otherwise, send your best generals and one mounted troops.

3. STARTING A RALLY - if you start a rally, make sure you can kill the monster yourself. If you can’t, ask for help in alliance chat before you start the rally.

4. CHECK THE REQUIREMENTS FOR YOUR RALLIES - some monsters need different troops (like Pan). Pay attention to the type of troops needed. If you aren’t sure, ask in chat.

5. WORLD BOSS RALLIES - Always send your best generals and full march of mounted troops.

6. FENRIR - Please teleport around 30 km from the hive - boxes will be there, but around the hive it will look cleaner.

7. HUNTING AREA: X coordinate between 600 and 860, Y coordinate between 600 and 860 should be safe. Keep in mind that the regular monsters are lower level between our alliance and the larger of the two measurements. Visual People should look at the image!

8. VIKING RALLIES - Run your Vikings as far as you can. When you can’t, if you ask, other people can start your rally for you. Join as many other Viking rallies as you can. You get poleaxes from those rallies, you need poleaxes to keep rallying your own Vikings.

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